About Us

If you wanted to know more about us, you’re in luck! Here’s what you need to know.

Jane Waldner

Jane was a film student who never was able to shake her love for TV. Her dream was to create an epic sitcom but it turns out writing about epic sitcoms and other awesome pop culture-y things is so much more fun. She has a soft spot for anyone who will fangirl with her over her latest obssesion.

She can often be found with her cell phone in one hand and a coffee in the other, and yet somehow also re-applying her fuschia lipstick.

To check out more of Jane’s content visit her personal website at www.janesviews.com or follow her on all the social media @janesviews.

Sam Devotta

Sam can most often be found either reading a YA novel or attempting to write one of her own. A massive music fan, she is constantly curating her collection or singing off-key at concerts. She loves tea, tattoos, and Tim Burton movies, and spends way too much time looking up the perfect reaction GIF for every occasion.

Sam also contributes to idobi radio, including their Geek Girl Riot podcast, and occasionally posts concert reviews on her personal blog. Catch up with her on instagram or on either of her Twitter accounts: @bellsiebooks and @samanthadevotta.


We wear a lot of purple and like a lot of things that we just can’t stop talking about.